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We have another story from our Media Services team this month. Owen Jones Design recently led the team in breathing new life into a local brand.

West Financial Management is a small firm of financial advisors, headed up by Helen West, a highly experienced and respected financial planner. Helen was concerned that their existing branding was disjointed and wasn’t representing them in the best light.

She wanted to pull everything together in a clean, consistent manner and needed a full team to help.

Team Media, to the rescue

Owen had already been working on the company’s new branding so he drafted in Elixel to work on building the website and Celia Anderson to take care of the copy. Working together, the team was able to product a great-looking, easy-to-navigate website filled with crisp, compelling copy.

Beyond the website, Owen’s updated graphics and colour palettes have been added to West Financial Management’s welcome pack, all of their internal and external paperwork, their signage and their business stationery, ensuring a slick, consistent display across all communications.

Now West Financial Management are enjoying the fruits of their investment with a full rebrand of which they can be proud.

What the team says

Owen Jones headed up the team and guided the project from start to finish. He commented:

"I've been working with West Financial Management for several years but having the Media Services team within Plymouth Facilities Management by my side, I'm now able to offer them a much more comprehensive and holistic service. Their website was a real collaborative effort and each part was completed to a very high standard."

Gavin at Elixel said:

"This is one of many projects we have delivered as part of the Media Services team. Working together we have been able to create an online presence which echoes the quality experience that West Financial Management offers to their clients."

And Celia Anderson, who provided the copy, said:

“It’s a writer’s dream to have their copy presented alongside great design so I loved working on this project. The whole process was seamless and just goes to show what the media team can achieve together.”

The team also welcomed the talents of Britton Multimedia in producing a video and Signs Express, who are working on bringing the new logo to life on West Financial Management’s signage.

If the Media Services team can help you with your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. And don’t forget we have a host of other talented professionals working together for companies across Plymouth.

View the website here

Posted by Michael Mann on 13 June 2014 at 04:41pm

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