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With over 10 years’ experience in the local, national and international creative industries, Owen offers tailored, intelligent design, created specifically to help businesses, charities and other organisations to communicate awareness and increase appeal.

The branding problem

There is a lot written (and even more assumed) about the word ‘brand’. To many it is a logo, to others it is a far more complex strategic process. In essence, though, an organisation’s brand is their personality or character, which is often reflected in a logo and consistent design styles as well as behavioural/ethical standards. For a large corporation, this could involve years of research, workshops, internal and external audits and millions of pounds-worth of advertising budgets to ensure the ‘brand’ is adhered to from the top down.

My job, and my passion, is to help smaller businesses see how branding is just as much of a valuable asset for them as it is for Coca-Cola and Nike – and a much more achievable, affordable and effective one than they often expect, too.

Real value

Whilst you can now pick up a logo cheaply for £100-200 (or even less online), I always try to communicate the intrinsic lack of value that these offer their owners compared to a considered process and well conceived visual identity – the kind of service I am proud to offer.

I’ve designed for companies as large as Citroën, Škoda and Wrigley as well as being a regular supplier for Macmillan Cancer Support in London, contributing to a large national-scale brand refresh in 2013-14. But it’s the work for the likes of Flower Fayre, Numbers UK Ltd. and Smeaton Homes that really give me the most satisfaction – helping owners of small but passionate businesses get to grips with what makes them really stand out and begin to communicate that beautifully and effectively.

Who can I help?

I enjoy working with people who really want to get stuck into this – understanding their business and how to make it look the best it can. Those that are excited about portraying themselves in a more accurate, professional and compelling light and who see the value in doing so. Whether they are looking for a logo and identity system or if they already have that and need packaging, brochures or other supporting collateral, I would be glad to be of assistance.

From estate agents, financial advisers and accountants to food producers, breweries or arts centres – the sector is not important, the attitude, more so.

Find out more

To see more of my work please do take a look at my website www.owenjonesdesign.com and have a browse of the many case studies and testimonials available there. There are also case studies on this very site, so do take a look at this Flower Fayre this Helen West and this Plymouth Facilities Management  – to read a bit more. And if you’re a following or liking type, do find me on Facebook and Twitter and get in touch there!

Posted by Michael Mann on 12 November 2015 at 11:55am

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