Magic numbers

So far, we’ve reported a good handful of successful synergies at Plymouth Facilities Management. Now that the word is getting out, our projects are picking up and we’re starting to become spoilt for choice.

This month, we’re proud to report that Numbers (UK) Ltd and Mike Legassick (our resident financial adviser) have worked together to achieve a triumphant result. We do love a good financial success story.

Struggling investments

For many years, Steven Carey at Numbers (UK) Ltd has been working with a client who had been managing their significant cash balances in various investments. However, their return had started to suffer and the clients, Phil and Debbie, had come to a point where they didn’t want to spend precious time researching the market and considering their options. Especially as retirement was starting to come into view.

The right introduction

So the team at Numbers (UK) Ltd introduced Phil and Debbie to Mike Legassick, providing background information and managing initial meetings. Together, they identified a firm of investment managers that suited Phil and Debbie’s needs to a tee.

Steve and Mike worked in tandem to ensure a smooth transition, working out the maturity dates of the client’s existing investments and managing the extraction of funds.

And now?

We’re happy to report that Phil and Debbie are enjoying a far more relaxed approach to managing their investments, plus they’re benefiting from a more acceptable return. Their investment managers are proactively running everything behind the scenes and the happy couple are getting on with enjoying their lives.

Steven said:

“Neither Mike nor I could have done this on our own, as it required knowledge of the client's existing investments, the tax rules governing cash extraction from companies, the clients' attitude to risk, and a detailed knowledge of their personalities so we matched to a firm of advisers that they could trust.”

Better than ever

The people behind Plymouth Facilities Management truly love working together and sharing exciting business opportunities. We’re seeing more and more synergies being created to meet the specific needs of Plymouth’s businesses and residents, providing bespoke services from one central hub.
Don’t forget to pop back next month to see what else has sprung this spring!

Posted by Michael Mann on 28 April 2014 at 03:14pm

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