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Here at Plymouth Facilities Management, we have another successful collaboration to report from a newly discovered synergy. The synergies currently listed on the PFM website are not exhaustive: this is proven every single day.

Steven Carey (accountant), Mike LeGassick (independent financial advisor) and Stuart Pearce (energy management) have been working together recently to decrease the monthly outgoings of a local resident who was struggling to cope with the rising cost of living.

The client was an existing customer of Steven’s accountancy service ‘AYR’, so he decided to introduce him to the possibilities of working with Plymouth Facilities Management. AYR is a service provided by Steven’s accountancy firm that aims to free up more time for its customers, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest,

Steven commented:

“Building on the trust we have developed, and our proven track record in minimising (the client’s) tax bills, he authorised us to appoint our partner providers to look at the expenditure in which they are expert.”

The results

By using the AYR model, Steven was able to review the client’s outgoings and make significant savings. When Steven had finished, the client was saving £800 per month on his tax bills. AYR works in a similar way to Plymouth Facilities Management: grouping specific services to increase the value to the customer.

Mike LeGassick delved into the fine print of the customer’s mortgage and life cover to see where any significant savings could be made. He managed to turn this hard work into savings of £300 per month.

Stuart from IU Energy explored the possibilities on the customer’s telephony, electricity and heating bills and unearthed savings of £200 per month (with more savings to come on fuel oil).

Steven, Mike and Stuart made use of their industry expertise to evaluate the client’s bills and identify where he seemed to be paying over the odds: a situation which is alarmingly common.

Naturally, the client is exceptionally pleased with the outcome and intends to place the money he has saved into an account that will see his son through university in the future.

Working together

This is yet another example of what the people behind Plymouth Facilities Management can achieve for their customers. By combining the strength of their individual skills, a real difference can be made to an individual’s life.

Steven Carey said:

“We benefit from having quality partners that we can confidently put before our clients, knowing that we will not be embarrassed by people failing to do what we have said they can. Our credibility with our clients is protected and enhanced by our close working relationship, and regular meetings with these providers.”

Plymouth Facilities Management prides itself on being able to help companies and individuals alike, providing reliable local services on which people can rely. 

Posted by on 27 January 2014 at 12:00pm

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